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Welcome to the largest and most comprehensive Venue Search Engine for African and in particular, sub-Saharan African Venues and Service Companies. It has been designed with you; the time constrained user in mind. Accordingly, it is searchable and offers a fast search for only those venues and services that meet your selection criteria. At your fingertips you have a choice of over 1000 venues and 300 service companies.

The advanced search works on a MUST HAVE / NICE TO HAVE basis. You control which criteria are critical "must have's" and which would be nice to have, but are not essential.

Our Philosophy is Simple
To provide the most comprehensive detail on meeting and function venues and services in sub-Saharan Africa, via a fast but simple search engine, and to provide a transactional platform from which you can book directly with these African Companies.

If you need African Venues and Services, then use the African Venue Search Engine designed by people in Africa.

Simple Text Search
Type in any word or part of a word. The word can be the name of a venue, an activity e.g. Hiking, or an attraction e.g. Casino or anything else you can think of. The result will contain all existences of that word.

Advanced Search
And when we say advanced we mean advanced. This option allows you to advance search on Accommodation and Leisure Venues, Conference Venues and related Supplier Companies. As you will see from the advanced search page, we give you a choice of 53 search criteria, conveniently grouped under user friendly headings such as Type of Venue and Facilities, which are sub-divided into Attractions, Business Equipment, Leisure Activities, Venue Services, Transportation, etc.

The search results will give a list of all venues that satisfy your search criteria and indicate to what degree they met your selection criteria, by displaying a percent in the search match column. Click on the number to view a list of matches and misses.

Add your venues of choice to a shopping basket and send your booking enquiry to all your preferences at once.

Click on any country or province on the map to obtain an alphabetical list of all venues in that area. This list provides the venue name, maximum conference seating capacity and maximum accommodation capacity. Click on a venue name to view all the facilities offered by that venue

Click on Specials to get a list of all venues in sub-Saharan Africa who are running special price, conference or accommodation promotions. This is the place to find that inexpensive holiday or conference rate not generally available to the consumer.

Booking Preferences Page
This is a list of all your venue/service provider choices. Here is where all your selections from your search activities are kept until you are ready to send a booking request/enquiry. At this stage you may uncheck a venue you do not want to send a particular enquiry to. You may return to this page to re-check that venue for another enquiry.

Detailed Booking Enquiry
This form requires detailed information regarding your booking enquiry, as you will see from the fields listed. It has compulsory fields (marked compulsory). If any of the compulsory fields are left blank, the system will not mail the form to the venue or supplier.

Simple Booking Enquiry
This is a freeform booking or reservation form. It has compulsory fields (marked compulsory) and a text field in which you can enter your request. If any of the compulsory fields are left blank, the system will not mail the form to the venue or supplier.

Shopping Basket or Preferences Table Facility
This site offers a shopping basket or preferences table facility so that you can keep track of the venues and service provider companies that you wish to contact. This allows you to send one enquiry to multiple venues or service providers, OR send one enquiry to four venues and a different enquiry to the other three venues in your shopping basket.

Here you will also be able to search for suppliers of related services and products, i.e. those companies whose products compliment events that may be held at the venue of your choice.

For example:
On this web site you can source and obtain quotes for all the products and services you may require for your company's annual sales convention. Find the venue in your budget range, the décor companies, the entertainers, the transfer companies, the guest speakers, the gift companies..... OK, OK, YOU GET THE PICTURE!

Help Symbol
Move your mouse cursor over these symbols for information = Hover your mouse pointer over this symbol to view help text related to the adjacent item

Service Providers
This is a database of all companies who supply either goods, or services, to the Conference, Leisure, Event Management and general tourism industry. Here you will obtain all relevant contact details, a summary of the company's primary products or services and the areas in which they operate. Contact them directly for a quote or other information you may need.

You can search by clicking on a category or by typing in a key word or phrase, e.g., "Audio Visual" and or a region. DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR PREFERENCES TO THE "SHOPPING BASKET".

Venue Facilities Page
This page lists all accommodation, conference & leisure facilities and all contact information. In addition to the generic image, you can also view a bedroom picture by clicking on the "view bedroom image" link in the accommodation tablet. This picture opens in a convenient window.

To view a plan of the conference room (if available), simply click on the conference room name in the meetings room table. This room plan will open in a convenient window from which you can print.

Remember: All facilities text in red means the facility is available by arrangement.