What to expect from VenueSearch listed function venues

VenueSearch is dedicated to providing visitors with quick access to credible venues in South Africa and surrounding countries. All of our venues have been personally visited to ensure that we only provide you with quality listings.

Many of the function venues are known for their excellent service as well as the most modern, comfortable and affordable accommodations. The most common services provided are:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Catering upon request
  • Continental breakfasts
  • Free Wi Fi for guests
  • Prepaid telephone services
  • Transport services from airport

Most offer 24 hour transport services to and from the airport in case you choose not to hire a car. For convenience, venues also come with at least one restaurant and bar with reasonable prices.

Rooms are usually available in singles or doubles to accommodate groups of people. Most function venues also offer special packages for business travellers and for wedding parties. Check on our website to see what discounts your function might qualify for.

Different environments for different functions:

Relax in a calming environment by the beach with our beachside venues. On top of great service, take the time to experience views of the sea and marine life such as whales, dolphins, and jelly fish. Think of it as an added incentive for guests to attend the function you are planning. Water sports are also crowd pleasers, such as boat rides, fishing, snorkelling, and surfing.

If you are looking for elegance, have your function at one of the venues located in historical homes. The architecture is the only thing that can tear your eyes away from the beautiful landscape. These historical homes are usually decorated in period style to enhance the atmosphere. Most have gardens where you can enjoy a walk early in the morning or after dinner. These historical homes are especially popular for weddings and family reunions.

Go wild with venues in rural areas and enjoy breath taking landscape views. Many are located near wild life reserves and offer nature hikes, bird watching or horseback rides in addition to their accommodations. There are lots of function venues that have beautiful gardens for services or socializing. Functions that last several days will give attendants a chance to get to know the local people and culture. Take time to sample the local food and taste the excellent local wines that are readily available.

City Life
Get a venue in the heart of the city and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for shopping, dining, night clubs, and other city offerings. There are many things to do before and after the function including museum tours, golf, swimming, and other games. If you do not have much time, enjoy a cappuccino at an outdoor cafe and watch people on the busy city streets while enjoying the view of beautiful skylines.

Whether you want to plan an event in Gauteng, Namibia or Cape Town, VenueSearch will help you find the right venue for your function in no time.

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