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Welcome to our cutting-edge Venue Search Engine, the ultimate destination for discovering African event venues and service companies, with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Designed with the time-constrained user in mind, our platform offers lightning-fast searches, providing only the venues and services that match your selection criteria. With over 1000 venues and 300 service companies at your fingertips, you'll find the perfect options tailored to your needs.

Our advanced search operates on a "Must Have" and "Nice to Have" basis, putting you in control of the criteria that are essential versus those that would be desirable but not mandatory.

Our Mission is Simple
Our mission is to revolutionize the way you discover and book meeting and function venues in sub-Saharan Africa. With our cutting-edge search engine, we provide comprehensive details at your fingertips, empowering you to find the perfect venue quickly and effortlessly. We also serve as a transactional platform, connecting you directly with African companies, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Discover African Event Venues and Services with our state-of-the-art African Venue Search Engine, designed by experts in Africa.

Simple Text Search
Enter any word or partial word, and our advanced search system will fetch all instances of that term across venues, activities, attractions, and more. Experience comprehensive results tailored to your interests.

Advanced Search
Experience the true meaning of advanced search capabilities with our platform. Unlock the power to search for Conference Venues, and related Supplier Companies like never before. Our advanced search page offers an impressive selection of 53 criteria, conveniently organized under user-friendly headings such as Type of Venue and Facilities. These categories further branch out into Attractions, Business Equipment, Leisure Activities, Venue Services, Transportation, and more.

Discover a comprehensive list of venues that match your search criteria, accompanied by a percentage indicating the degree of compatibility in the search match column. Click on the number to view a detailed breakdown of matches and misses.

Simplify the booking process. Add your preferred venues to a shopping basket and send a booking enquiry to all your preferences at once.

Browse by Map Location
Click on any country or province on the map to obtain an alphabetical list of all venues in that area. This list provides the venue name, maximum conference seating capacity and maximum accommodation capacity. Click on a venue name to view all the facilities offered by that venue

Shopping Basket or Preferences List
Welcome to our convenient "Shopping Basket" or "Preferences List" feature. Here, you can easily keep track of the venues and service provider companies you wish to contact. This powerful tool enables you to send a single enquiry to multiple venues or service providers, or tailor different enquiries for specific venues within your basket.

Furthermore, you can also search for suppliers offering related services and products that perfectly complement events held at your chosen venue.

For instance, on this website, you can effortlessly source and obtain quotes for all the products and services you need for your company's annual sales convention. From finding a venue within your budget range to selecting décor companies, entertainers, transfer companies, guest speakers, and gift companies – you name it, we've got you covered!

Booking Enquiry
Complete this form with detailed information for your booking enquiry. Ensure all required fields (marked as compulsory) are filled in, as the system will not send the form to the venue or supplier if any mandatory fields are left blank.

Help Symbol
Move your mouse cursor over these symbols for information = Hover your mouse pointer over this symbol to view help text related to the adjacent item

Event Service Providers
Explore our comprehensive database of companies supplying goods and services to the Conference and Event Management. Access all the essential contact details, along with a summary of each company's primary products or services and their operating areas. Contact them directly for quotes or any additional information you require.

Search effortlessly by clicking on a category or entering a keyword or phrase, such as "Audio Visual," and specify your desired region. And don't forget to add your preferences to the convenient "Shopping Basket" for easy reference.

Venue Facilities Page
Discover a comprehensive list of accommodation, conference, and leisure facilities along with their contact information on this page. Enhance your browsing experience by clicking on the "view bedroom image" link in the accommodation section to see a specific bedroom picture in a convenient window.

For conference rooms, click on the respective name in the meetings room table to access room plans (if available). These plans will open in a convenient window, allowing you to print them if needed.

Remember: Any facilities highlighted in red text indicate availability by arrangement.