Only a little more than an hour's flight from Mauritius, a visit to Rodrigues is a step back in

This island 550 kilometers away, is a dependency of Mauritius and a reminder of an earlier era when life moved at a slower pace and people had more time to relax and enjoy themselves. It is an introduction to an island life of peace and tranquility where time seems to have stood still.

The beauty of Rodrigues lies not only in its sea but also in its hilly landmass with a mountainous spine running most of its length.

Numerous excursions and hiking await visitors. If you like hiking, the hilly terrain is ideal.

The island has a sheltered lagoon of about 200 square kilometers and is surrounded by over a dozen islets.

The special charm of Rodrigues lies in its harmonious and simple way of life as people of the island have still preserved a childlike simplicity. The people of Rodrigues are known for their friendliness and hospitality.Because tourists have not yet overrun it, the inhabitants enjoy meeting visitors and sharing their culture and the beauty of the environment. The nature lover in search of calm and unspoiled scenery will be delighted. Rodrigues is home to several species of endangered flora and fauna. Handicrafts and local culture is part of the pleasure of a trip to this tranquil island. The 'Sega-Tambour' a folk dance with origins in Africa, is a rhythmic retelling of themes of everyday life.

A visit to Rodrigues is a must
The Star - South Africa - April 1995



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